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STIKKAN®, the original!

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This cast iron hand tool was originally invented in Norway and now manufactured by us, in Sweden. Although we have a little bit of a sibling relation to Norway, and we tell interesting stories about each other, we thought that this is to good to just let the Norwegians have to the them selves.

Fixed it to a wall beside a wood stove, fireplace or in a wood shed. No matter where you put it, it will look stunning and you will have a handcrafted piece of Scandinavia that will help you make kindling in a easy and safe manner.


Made in cast iron.


Both Stikkan and Flamman are delivered in a suitable gift box.


10-year warranty for Stikkan and Flamman.

If in the unlikely event that Stikkan or Flamman breaks due to a material or manufacturing fault, we will replace it with a new one. All you need to do is return the broken Stikkan or Flamman to the place where you purchased it, within a reasonable time after it breaks. When we have confirmed the fault that caused it to break, you can fetch a new product from the same place of purchase.

The warranty will not apply if damage is caused through using Stikkan or Flamman in a way not intended, or though obviously improper use.

The warranty does not apply for personal injury.