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FLAMMAN® the ultimate firestarter!

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We all love to have the fireplace burning or enjoying a nice barbecue, but what we don't like is having to always attend the fire and keep an eye on it. At least we had a tendency to enjoy ourselves a bit long and the having to start the fire again by blowing on it with various degree of success. In the fireplace we got ash flying and on the barbecue we got uneven result and less eyebrows.

We were convinced that this could be done in a better way and we reached out to an old friend that has been devoting his life to develop airplane engines for Roolls-Royce. after a lot of both testing and modelling we came up with FLAMMAN. It is truly mind bending that what a difference it makes compared to the old fashioned ways. and not only will it let you adjust your fireplace or barbecue more precise, you can also use it for moving a round wood or charcoal to optimize whatever you are doing!

And as always made in Scandinavia with pride!


Made in cast iron.


Both Stikkan and Flamman are delivered in a suitable gift box.


10-year warranty for Stikkan and Flamman.

If in the unlikely event that Stikkan or Flamman breaks due to a material or manufacturing fault, we will replace it with a new one. All you need to do is return the broken Stikkan or Flamman to the place where you purchased it, within a reasonable time after it breaks. When we have confirmed the fault that caused it to break, you can fetch a new product from the same place of purchase.

The warranty will not apply if damage is caused through using Stikkan or Flamman in a way not intended, or though obviously improper use.

The warranty does not apply for personal injury.